Training & Behaviour

Does your dog pull on the lead? Jump up? Not come when you call? Bark and lunge? Display aggression? Guard items or spaces?


Is your puppy nipping you? Keeping you awake at night? Toileting indoors? Chewing furniture? 

You are not alone! The good news is, we can help turn your life around so you enjoy your dog rather than despair at having to walk him! 


You can rest assured you are in safe, knowledgeable hands with Kati. She is a fully qualified dog behaviourist (BCCSDip.DogBhv), a fully accredited trainer with The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), a registered member of The Guild Of Dog Trainers and achieved Level 5 OCN in Dog Behaviour Psychology.

Residential Intensive Training

Devoted Dogs are specialists in residential intensive training stays. Your dog will stay in our home whilst receiving intensive training giving you and your dog the knowledge and confidence to continue training at home! 


Residential stays are a minimum of 2 weeks for basic obedience & puppy basics. 3 week stays take the newly learnt behaviours into a variety of environments to proof and strengthen their reliability. 4+ weeks is, as above, plus further reliability training and working around various distractions. Behaviour issues such as fearfulness, reactivity etc. generally require a minimum of 4 weeks.  

During your residential stay your dog will be taught basic obedience as standard. This includes; response to name, sit, down, wait, leave, drop, loose lead walking, heel work, eye contact/focus, emergency stop and recall. 

We will ask you for a 'Top 5' of behaviours you would like taught or corrected, this is where things like jumping up, toilet training, and anything else you are struggling with can be discussed.


You will receive weekly pictures and email updates during your dogs stay so you can keep up to date with their progress from crazy canine into Devoted Dog! You will receive 2 handover lessons where you will be shown everything your dog has learnt and taught how to continue your dogs progress once you both return home.

Devoted dogs use proven POSITIVE reinforcement rewarding methods to achieve effective results and create a happy, satisfied dog.

Watch the video's below to see some of the outstanding results that we can achieve.


121 Behaviour Consultations

Devoted Dogs offers a personalised 121 training service for both puppies and adult dogs, this service is available to everybody; from those wanting to give their puppy the best start in life to those people struggling with a reactive dog.

The first step to this process is a behaviour consultation where we will assess the concerns you have, and create a suitable plan of training and/or rehabilitation and of course, get started with practical training. The behaviour consultation usually lasts 90minutes. Following on from this consultation, should you choose to go ahead, Kati will start the training/rehabilitation with you and your dog, these sessions last 60 minutes.

Devoted Dogs only use positive reinforcement, reward based techniques to create a relaxed, confident environment in which your dog can safely and comfortably learn.



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