Training & Behaviour

Does your dog pull on the lead? Jump up? Not come when you call? Bark and lunge? Display aggression? Guard items or spaces?


Is your puppy nipping you? Keeping you awake at night? Toileting indoors? Chewing furniture? 

You are not alone! The good news is, we can help turn your life around so you enjoy your dog rather than despair at having to walk him! 


You can rest assured you are in safe, knowledgeable hands with Kati and her team. Kati is a fully qualified, award winning dog behaviourist BSc (Hons), a fully accredited trainer with The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), a member of The Pet Professional Network, a member of the Pet Professional Guild, a member of UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter and holds an Honours degree in Applied Animal Behaviour. 


121 Behaviour & Training Consultations


Devoted Dogs offers a personalised 121 training service for both puppies and adult dogs, this service is available to everybody; from those wanting to give their puppy the best start in life to those people struggling with a reactive dog.

Our 121 Training consultations are suitable for puppies and adult dogs wanting to achieve a good level of obedience including but not limited to; loose lead walking, recall, sit, down, wait, middle, eye contact, hand touch, settle, drop, leave it, shaping, the importance of play, scent work and general socialisation. During 121 training consultations we can cover basic training problems such as jumping up, toilet training and teething related behaviour. These consultations last for 1 hour and cost £45 which includes travelling to you, or meeting at an agreed location.

Our 121 behaviour consultations are suitable for those requiring help with challenging behaviour including reactivity, anxiety, aggression and abnormal behaviours. The first step is an initial consultation where we will discuss and assess, in depth, the concerns you have, and discuss a suitable plan of behaviour adjustment therapy and/or rehabilitation. The initial behaviour consultation lasts 1 hour and costs £85 with a written report or £65 without a written report. Following on from this consultation, should you choose to go ahead, Kati will start the training/rehabilitation process with you and your dog, these sessions also last 1 hour and cost £65. We regularly take on vet referral cases and are well practiced in working alongside vets with dogs undergoing pain management programmes, veterinary treatments for physical medical issues and dogs on medicinal treatment such as anti-anxiety medication to aid behaviour adjustment therapy. 


Devoted Dogs only use positive reinforcement, reward based techniques to create a relaxed, confident environment in which your dog can safely and comfortably learn.


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